Philip Sanderson and David Jackman -Terrain/Adrift

Side A
Terrain (Jackman and Sanderson)

Side B
Adrift (Jackman)

Format:10 inch vinyl, 400 copies on black vinyl, 100 mail-order copies on grey vinyl, and 50 copies on blue vinyl.
Release Date:
Label: Die Stadt
Catalogue Number:
Sleeve Design: David Jackman

Three tracks called 'Terrain' were recorded by David Jackman and Philip Sanderson in the Snatch Tapes studio in Paddington, London during the summer of1980. Side A of the 10 inch features one of these tracks, the second 'Terrain' track appeared on the Jackman/Sanderson tape 0 North in 1981, but has not been re-issued. The third 'Terrain' track became 'Offshore' as featured on the Ritual cassette. The B-side track is from the David Jackman Snatch Tape Adrift.

From: the Wire Magazine by David Keenan:

In light of Throbbing Gristle finally delivering on punkís broken promise to liberate music from "musicians", the UKís underground tape scene became the suppository for some of the most innovative and challenging noises that followed in punkís wake. At the vanguard was David Jackman. Between 1979 and 1983 he recorded a slew of cassettes under his own name before retreating from view under the name of Organum. Recorded in 1980 "Terrain" is a collaboration with Philip Sanderson who ran the Snatch cassette label. Constructed from what sounds like the slowly bowed bass strings of an electric guitar and looped percussion given halos of echo, itís an understated drone piece that eventually builds to nothing. The flipside "Adrift" is much more striking. Oddly melodic is assembled from a repeating bass and an assortment of looped tapes set in a bizarre waltz time. Over a slowly seesawing backing track muzzy choral blasts rise and fall in a pattern that could be the duoís miniature take on Tangerine Dreamís Zeit. "Adrift was originally the tittle track of a solo Jackman cassette released by Snatch in a run of 20 copies in 1981.Though Die Stadt pressings donít exactly reach mass circulation figures either, the tracks reappearance here is as welcome as it is surprising.