Philip Sanderson - Reprint

Track Listing:
Bright waves
Reprint 1
Nein Nein Nein
Reprint 2
Under Press of Sail

All tracks by Philip Sanderson, except 'Nein NeinNein' by Philip Sanderson & Steven Ball. 'Bright Waves' by Philip Sanderson & Nancy Slessinger.

Format: CD, 500 copies
Release Date: 2003

Label: Anomalous
Catalogue Number: NOM 23
Sleeve Design: Philip Sanderson

From: the Wire Magazine by Jim Haynes:
"Part shrewd marketing manoeuvre, part homage to Marcel Duchamp's alter ego Rose Selavy, DIY electronic pioneer Philip Sanderson donned the personna of Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey as two female electronic minimalists in the late 70's and early 80's. He kept up the charade long enough to land a Thomas & Vezey track on the 1980 Cherry Red compilation Perspectives and Distortion but was thwarted in his attempts to when the label discovered that Claire & Susan were not who they claimed to be. Sanderson subsequently released those recordings as the Reprint Cassette through his Snatch Tapes [actually the cassette release came first and was what lead Cherry Red to discover Thomas and Vezey], which published his other project Storm Bugs and a couple of recordings from the then unknown composer David Jackman. 23 years later the electronic din of Claire & Susan resurfaces, although the author is no longer hiding behind the pseudonym. Fortunately the music of Reprint (Anomalous NOM23) is much more than a giddy prank. Aptly described by Sanderson as 'an inverted Pop Art aesthetic', Reprint graft a grimy brutism culled from home made ring modulators and dismembered answering machines onto the sterile arepeggiations and polyrhythmic interplay of Cluster or Chris Carter's early productions. what may have been consigned to the dustbin of 1980's cassette culture turns out to be a marvellous find, as good as any of the recently recovered cassettes of recordings of Cabaret Voltaire or Throbbing Gristle."

From: WFMU a review by Program Director Brian Turner:
"An odd and interesting remnant of the 1980's DIY cassette culture finding its way to CD: Sanderson (who was also half of the Storm Bugs), creates a trippy tapestry of gurgling primitive electronics and drifting voices in a raw, but appealing-to-the-subconscious kind of way. The legend has it that he initially submitted material to the UK label Cherry Red under the guise of being two women (Claire Thomas and Susan Vezey), hoping to 'market' himself in an unusual way to grab the label's attention. It worked, and he (or rather 'they') wound up on a compilation record, but the gig was quickly up when Philip was discovered to be pulling the wool. Reprint was originally a cassette under Claire & Susan's moniker, and regardless of what name is on it today it stands as a great marker on the home-brewed experimental/electronic timeline. Glad to see Anomalous brought this back to the surface."

From: Absurd by Nicolas:
"Philip Sanderson's 'reprint' cd on anomalous, would have been a release that I would have underestimated if I hadn't listened to it a third time. I have to tell you the truth that when I first heard it was a few moments after having listened to the storm bugs cd, sanderson had issued, which no matter it started as a most promising one, later & thanks to the various styles that were changing in that compilation can't say that turned to be my cup of tea. so upon listening to 'reprint' after that turned out not to be a good idea. but let's not beat about the bush. reprint is the reissue of an old tape sanderson had issued on his snatch tapes back in early 80's, back then was credited to the unknown duo of Claire thomas & suzan vezey. The release's back cover includes the original tape artwork and the cd as well includes bonus tracks. starting w/ a haunting play of decomposed eerie voices, that seemed to me that probably back at that time mr. sanderson might have been obsessed with records such as popol vuh's 'hossiana mantra' (or at least this one comes in mind now) and the voice of djon yun (or another artist) as the whole result, sounds a lot like trying to achieve such an atmosphere w/ more electronics means. the rest of the tracks & actually the ones that appeared on the original cassette, are a unique 'game' w/ loops & electronics of that time, that frankly if were issued today am sure that there are lots of people who would have classified them as beautiful lo-fi noise electronics, or is the least explanation I can find for them, as they bring such beloved stuff in mind. the final track 'under press of sail' which initially appeared in various compilations of snatch tapes, is in a somehow different mood, a bit more 'rhythmic' well, don't expect of course electronica here, instead, a unique diy electronics industrialish atmosphere, of course pure original as was made on the right place & the right time, making the whole lot a purely enjoying listening!"

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