Perspectives and Distortion

Track Listing:
Claire Thomas and Susan Vezey - Bright Waves
Matt Johnson - What Stanley Saw
Virgin Prunes - "Third Secret"
Lol Coxhill - The Calm...
Lemon Kittens - ...In Wooden Brackets
Eyeless In Gaza - You Frighten
Kevin Coyne - Hello Judas
Mark Perry - Dear, Dear
Ben Watt - Departure
Two Daughters - Return Call/We Are
Kevin Hampson - People In Space
Thomas Leer - Kings of Sham
Five or Six - Folded
Morgan-Fisher - Foreign Correspondent
Robert Fripp - Remorse of Conscience
A Tent - No Way of Knowing
David Jackman - Untitled

Format: LP
Release Date: 1981

Label: Cherry Red Records
Catalogue Number

Format: CD
Release Date: 2003

Label: Cherry Red Records
Catalogue Number:

A Cherry Red compilation from 1981 featuring Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey's Bright Waves (a different version of the vocal track that appears on Reprint) and 'Untitled' by David Jackman. The LP was Re-issued in 2003 on CD on Cherry Red's archive series.