Background Information

Snatch Tapes a label focussing on DIY experimental and electronic music has had two distinct phases; a first burst of activity between 1979 and 1982 in the heady days of cassette culture, and then a second phase from 2000 to the present day.

The label was started in 1979 by Philip Sanderson and the first release was Snatch 1, the first of three compilations, which included tracks by Storm Bugs, Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey and Karl's Empty Body. Snatch 2 followed in 1980 and featured music by Organum founder David Jackman as well as pieces by Alien Brains, the Lemon kittens, Sea of Wires, and Cultural Amnesia.

Hot on the heels of Snatch 2 came the three full length Snatch Tapes, namely A Safe Substitute by Storm Bugs, Slow Music by David Jackman and Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey's Reprint. By now there was a small Snatch Tapes display panel in the Rough Trade shop and this attracted the attention of Cherry Red and tracks by Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey, and David Jackman were included on the Cherry Red LP Perspectives & Distortion.

If Snatch 2 typifies what has since become known as Cassette Culture then Snatch 3 which appeared the following year was an almost professional release, even boasting a printed colour cover. Snatch 3 features tracks by Snatch Tapes favourites Nigel Jacklin (Alien Brains), David Jackman, Michael Denton, Steven Ball, Philip Sanderson, Claire Thomas, and Orior. Also available in 1981 were the Storm Bugs "Greatest Hits" tape Gift and the Jackman cassette singles Adrift and Ritual. In 1982 sometime after the release of Snatch 3, the label went into hibernation.

In 2000 Snatch Tapes re-emerged with the release of the Storm Bugs compilation CD Lets Go Outside and get it over. There then followed numerous re-issues of Snatch Tapes material on CD and LP by a variety of labels including: Viny on Demand, Die Stadt, Fusetron, Vertical Slum, Robot, Anomalous, Seance Centre, Cherry Red, and Hyped to Death. Snatch Tapes itself began issuing new material by Storm Bugs, Philip Sanderson, and Ice Yacht. These releases have been both physicl and digital (Bandcamp). In 2020 the first Snatch Tapes cassette in almost 40 years Pillbox by Ice Yacht was released almsot bringing everything full circle.

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