Various - Cassette Culture - Homemade Music and the Creative Spirit in the Pre-Internet-Age

10-Speed Guillotine - Temper Tango
Aconite (2) -The Truth About Cable TV
Another Headache - Cacophony Continues
Autopsia - Lebensherrgabe
Beequeen - EE EA
Big City Orchestra - Karawane
Bret Hart - Partytime
Brume - An Amphibian
Cacophony 33 - Frank
Charles Rice Goff III - Big Surprise
Dog As Master - Black Body (Excerpt)
Don Campau - 'I Am Not Satisfied
E Coli - Lag Phase / Djihad
E G Oblique Graph - Fall Into Glass
F-i - Zombie
Gen Ken Montgomery - It Happened To You
Girls On Fire - In My Blood
If,Bwana - Beauty And The Beast
ITN / Mental Anguish - Frce Of Waves (Edit)
Jeff Central - Tragick
Joseph K Noyce - The Beat
Kapotte Muziek - Audio Plagio 2
Ken Moore - Soft Pretense

Larynx - Graett
Lord Litter - St James Infirmary
Markus Schwill - The Advantage Of Tape-Music
Minoy - Eskalith
Monochrome Bleu - Imagination
Muslimgauze - Cyst
Mystery Hearsay - Painted
Non Toxique - Lost Statements
PBK - Untitled 04
Philip Johnson - Two Tracks Unused At The Time
Psi Nukli - Trip Sequence II
R Stevie Moore - Puttin' Up The Groceries
Ri Gillham - Soundtracks For Imaginary Films
Rimbaud Brothers - Deceit
Rod Summers - Sad News
Sheer Zed - Take A Walk Down The Street
Storm Bugs - Hodge
Taste Of Stool - Squeeze Bees
Viktimized Karcass - 3.32 AM Rain
Vittore Baroni - Living With Prosthesis
Walls Of Genius - Sunday, Monday Or Always!
Wolfgang Wiggers - I'll Cry Tomorrow
2-23 -Years On Earth -Opposition

Format: 320 page book by Jerry Kranitz with 2 x CD
Release Date: 2020
Label: Vinyl on Demand
Catalogue Number: VOD158
Sleeve Design: Jelle Martens

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