Philip Sanderson - Carriage Return

Near Side (21:00)
Where The Lines Are
Empty Spaces
One Possible Theory
Are You Ready?
Everything He Is Not
Now For The News In Full
The Whole Of Bluebell Hill Is Heavily Charged
Blind Side (20:40)
Numerous Reports Of Black Magic And Pagan Ritual
Body Under The Bridge
Hello This Is Your Dad
A Highly Intesified Field Has Built Up
Maybe The Art Is Going To Die Fairly Quickly
Station Green
Insist On Sitting In The Back Of The Car
Slightly Backwards

All music by Philip Sanderson. Voices include - Gustav Metzger, Nigel Jacklin, Patricia Hosking, Susana Ostler, Tim Meacham, Tony Raven

Format: Digital download, plus 5 tape copies
Release Date:
Label: Snatch Tapes
Catalogue Number:
TCH 215
Sleeve Design:
Philip Sanderso
Photograph of fingerpost by Steven Ball, other pictures are found

Released in April 2009 to mark the 30th anniversary of the release of first Snatch Tape in 1979 Carriage Return comprises two sides of sound collage assembled from the thirty years of accumulated reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes, mini disks, CD-Rs in the Snatch Tapes archive.

Focussing on previously unreleased music and voice-overs originally recorded for various film and video projects Carriage Return weaves a fragmented narration concerning ghost sightings, car crashes, ley lines and hidden bends in and around Blue Bell Hill in Kent, England. Mixed with the spoken words is prepared piano, VCS3 synthesizer, circuit bent Casio, shortwave radio, pots and pans and the usual melodic cacophony we have come to expect from Snatch Tapes. 

Listeners were supplied with all the files needed to make up their own cassette with a view that after a thirty-day trial period they should either transfer the mp3 files to tape or erase them. A small run of 5 cassettes were produced by Snatch Tapes. The number of digital files in circulation is unknown though over 700 copies were downloaded. Extracts from the tape are to be found on the 2018 compilation LP On One of These Bends.