Snatch 1

Side 1
Karl's Empty Body - 1441
N4's - N4's
Storm Bugs - Hodge

Side 2
Steven Reynolds
Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey - Under Press of Sail
A Clough - Untitled

Format: Cassette, 50 copies
Release Date: 1979

Label: Santch Tapes
Catalogue Number: None
Sleeve Design:
Photocopy onto white paper, design by Philip Sanderson, photo by Sally Francis

The first ever Snatch Tape kicks off with the DIY pop of Karl's Empty Body, a fairly straightforward number, nicely mangled by being fed through a couple of VCS3 ring modulators. The N4's feature some sweet blister guitar (Neu with a drum machine?). Side one rounds off with the Storm Bugs number 'Hodge' again featuring that great British synth the VCS3. Side 2 has the first outing for those fictitous knob twiddlers Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey. The side ends with a melancholic piece of morse interference by A Clough. The tracks by Karl's Empty Body, The N4s, A Clough, and Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey were all later included on the Vinyl on Demand LP Snatch Paste.