Philip Sanderson - Seascale (WFMU Radio Session)

1. Introduction
2. Running Rigging
3. A Blue Twist
4. Before the Mast
5. Marks and Deeps
6. An End

All tracks by Philip Sanderson who plays: MFB Nanozwerg, Rota-Synth Sequencer, Time Bender Delay. EHX Micro-Synth, Korg Monotron Delay

Format: Radio broadcast, and Bandcamp download
Release Date: 2012

Label: Snatch Tapes
Catalogue Number: None
Sleeve Design: Philip Sanderson

A 2012 session commissioned by Daniel Blumin for his radio show on WFMU. The tracks all share a nautical theme, and most were recorded in one or two takes using a combination of analogue sequencer and synthesizer fed into a digital delay. There was some post recording computer jiggery-pokery, but not too much.

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